Sliding Doors: Sleek & Modern

  • Sliding Doors: Sleek & Modern
  • Sliding Doors: Sleek & Modern
  • Sliding Doors: Sleek & Modern
  • Sliding Doors: Sleek & Modern
In search of a more elegant solution? This model features doors that automatically slide open and closed. A state-of-the-art infrared detection system enables touch-free action, with the doors automatically retracting before hitting an obstacle.

Automatic Slim Doors slide open and closed for easy access adding convenience and an elegant, modern appearance to your home elevator. With their innovative design, the sill between the landing floor and the elevator cab is kept compact. Finish the doors in a choice of powder coated paint, or upgraded stainless steel. You can even finish the inside and outside differently to match your d├ęcor. 

Standard Features
  • Fully automatic doors: Slide open and closed for easy access
  • Slim profile: Modern and sleek appearance
  • Compact design: Landing door, cab door and sill are a narrow 4.5" deep (115 mm)  
  • Asymmetrical closure design: For space-saving installation and modern look
  • Quiet and smooth operation:  Two-speed operation for added convenience
  • Other standard features: Lightweight and durable aluminum sill
  • Safety features: Emergency back-up battery system, infrared detection system to retract doors before hitting an obstruction (touch-free)
Installation Information

Professional Measure + Installation available in the following areas:

Greater Cincinnati, Greater Dayton, OH, Northern Kentucky, Greater Louisville, KY including Southern Indiana, Kentuckiana, Central Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky, Southern Kentucky, Nashville, and Middle Tennessee.


System: Available as a complete system, or in combination with a swing-style landing door.

Finishes: Choice of paint or stainless steel.

Made in USA


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