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Transitions Lift + Elevator has helped countless clients make their home more functional and convenient through our stair lifts. Sadly, as homeowners age or are forced to deal with the reality of sustaining a serious injury, it becomes increasingly difficult to move around their home as they have become accustomed to.

Nonetheless, Transitions Lift + Elevator can provide homeowners with innovative products that allow them to aptly move around their home. In Lexington, KY, and the surrounding areas, we provide residential indoor and outdoor stair lifts designed with the user in mind. We have many options available, including the Bruno indoor and outdoor stair lift.

In addition, we also work commercial businesses to help them find a stair lift system that suits their company. Whether you need a commercial elevator or a commercial dumbwaiter, we provide your company with the system your building needs.

To learn more about our products or company, contact us today.

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