What is a stair lift and how does it work?

Stair lift chairs are suitable for every situation with straight or curved stair cases in a residence or public building. The stair lift is equipped with your safety and ease of operating in mind. Stair lifts are designed with all of the following features:
Most stair chair lift systems are equipped with sturdy armrests, a swivel lever, and a safety belt. All of these safety features are designed for your comfort and ease of use.

The stair chair lift can be folded to save space when not in use. Usually the stair chair lift will take approximately 1/2 the space of the stairwell when folded in someone's home.

Stair chair lift systems mount directly to the stair treads.

"Continuous Pressure" control switch on the stair lift armrest so you can rise and descend at your own control.

Each stair lift system comes with two remote controls so that you can send the stair lift away from you or call it to you. 

Our stair lifts systems are equipped with Rechargeable Batteries that enable the stair lift to work during power outages.

Other systems are available to be ordered in A/C for applications like churches, public buildings, and commercial applications. Some private residents prefer A/C over batteries when they have underground utilities or a backup generator.

Home stair lift chairs comply with all safety requirements. There are no special building alterations needed and the stair lift can be installed on the right side or left side of the stair case. Installation of the stair lift chairs can usually be done in one day.



Why Buy a Stair Lift?

Stair Lifts are a great fit for any application in which you have limited mobility concerns. If the stairs have become dangerous, but you are able to easily use the chair, this product is a great choice.



What's the best way to select a stair lift?

You need to consider the physical ability of the person using the stair chair. Another important factor is the suitability of the stairs where the lift will be installed.



What is the weight capacity of a stair lift?

Several models will comfortably fit almost anyone up to 500 lbs.



What width do my stairs need to be for a stair lift?

If your stairs are at least 32" between the minimum obstructions, you should be able to fit almost any lift.  



How does a stair lift keep you safe at the top of the stairs?

Our stair lift seat swivels at the top of the stairs and locks into place for easy entry and exit.



We have 2 straight sets of stair with a landing in the middle. Is it cheaper to install 2 straight stair chairs or one curved one?

Two straight stair lifts are much more cost effective. The person(s) using the lift will need to transfer on the landing to the second lift. On average a curved stair chair is double or more of two straight rails.



Why does each stair lift have a different mechanism?

Each manufacturer makes their own equipment and can't copy certain things about another product.



How much space does a stair lift take up on my stairs?

Stair chair lifts take up anywhere from 11-20 inches on average when folded. It really depends on the size and capacity of the chair.



How do stair chair lifts attach?

All models attach directly to the stairs and not the wall.



How do battery operated stair chair lift units recharge themselves?

Battery operated units recharge themselves when placed on a charging strip usually located on the ends of the track. Most are made to automatically stop on the chargers. Some units have charging contacts continuously throughout the rail.



How often do batteries need to be replaced on a stair lift?

Most new batteries will last between 3-5 years. Most manufacturers recommend the units get daily exercise to keep them active.



Does Medicare or insurance pay for residential/home lifts or elevators?

Medicare does not, however some independent insurance companies may cover part or all of the cost. Please contact your insurance carrier for information.



What is a home elevator? 

An elevator or vertical lift is a vertical transport vehicle that efficiently moves people or goods between floors of a building. If you are looking to add value to your home or business while adding convenience to your lifestyle than a home elevator or lift is.



Anything else I should know about elevators?

An Elevator can add 10% to your home value *Based on US national home value average
Are the next "must have' home amenity.
Require low maintenance- similar to a furnace or air conditioner
A stairway may require as much as 100 square feet of space, while a home elevator can use as little as 24 square feet
You are almost one million times more likely to be injured going up and down your stairs than you are on a home elevator
Each of our elevators comes equipped with all the safety features you expect.



What if I already have a lift, or elevator and I need of parts and service?

Transitions Lift + Elevator carries a full line of replacement parts for all of our products. We also service all products that we sell regardless of whether or not we installed the product or it was purchased through our company.



What is a vertical inclined lift? 

Vertical Inclined Lifts are designed for easy wheelchair access to stairs without the cost of construction involved in building a hoist way for an Elevator or Vertical Platform Lift. These units are foldable allowing maximum usable space on the stairway when not in use. Transitions Lift + Elevator carries Vertical Inclined Lifts that vary in speed, lifting capacity, and size. These units can be designed for commercial or residential spaces.



What is a vertical platform lift? 

Porch lifts / vertical platform lifts move the passenger from one level to another level in a vertical manner. The wheel chair lift makes it possible to travel the shortest way between two levels inside or outside. A wheelchair stair lift is much the same as a stair lift chair but it has a platform to accommodate a wheelchair or power chair. Transitions Lift + Elevator has a stair lift elevator solution to any housing and mobility situations.



What are the standard features of a wheelchair lift? 

The standard features of a wheelchair lift are: anti-slip mat, fold-up seat, self closing doors, push buttons to call the lift, a key switch to prevent unauthorized use.
Vertical Platform lifts can be installed inside or outside. Transitions Lift + Elevator will supply job specific plans for your lift before any construction or installation begins.


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