Vertical Wheelchair Platform Lifts

Anyone using a wheelchair at your two-story home or place of work deserves equal access to the building. Unfortunately, many structures are built without considering the needs of people who are disabled. To remedy the situation, homeowners and business owners can install a vertical wheelchair platform lift.

At Transitions Lift + Elevator, we have a vertical wheelchair lift to accommodate any indoor or outdoor application you can envision. Vertical lifts for homes and businesses allow everyone to access the building, no longer having to worry about being excluded.

A Wheelchair Porch Lift for Any Occasion

Porch lifts — also known as vertical wheelchair platform lifts or wheelchair lifts — move vertically between levels in buildings.

Platform lifts make it possible to travel the shortest distance between two levels inside or outside a home, church, office, stage or any other place that needs to ensure accessibility for people using wheelchairs and walkers.

Transitions Lift + Elevator specializes in hydraulic and screw column platform wheelchair lifts. You’ll find that our lifts are versatile in design so they can fit most any configuration or situation.

Whether you are looking for accessibility for your home, office or church, we have a vertical lift solution for you! Transitions Lift + Elevator is your local accessibility specialist in Kentucky, Southern Indiana and Ohio. We pride ourselves on quality equipment and personal service.

Standard Features of a Wheelchair Vertical Platform Lift Include:

•    Anti-Slip Flooring
•    Self-closing doors
•    Push buttons to call the lift
•    Key switch to prevent unauthorized use

The team at Transitions Lift + Elevator won’t be satisfied until you are completely happy with your new vertical platform lift. If you would like to learn more about our equipment or have questions about customizing vertical platform lifts, please contact us today.

Vertical Platform Options

If you’re in search of the perfect vertical platform lift, we’ve got you covered: Transitions Lift + Elevator currently offers six types of vertical platform lifts from which to choose:

Commercial Vertical Platform Lift (Indoor & Outdoor)

Commercial Vertical Platform Lift (Indoor & Outdoor)

A versatile and highly affordable lift, this is ideal for accommodating short travel requirements, especially for wheelchairs. Your commercial establishment can now give complete access to those who use wheelchairs; whether they need to go up and down at an exterior location in your facility or to move between floors inside the building. Either way, the travel is safe, smooth, and easy.
Enclosed Vertical Platform Lift (Commercial & Residential)

Enclosed Vertical Platform Lift (Commercial & Residential)

When moving up and down on an outdoor vertical platform wheelchair lift, whether at home or in a business, you often need protection from the elements. That’s where this type of lift really proves to be useful. It has an enclosure to shelter you from sun, rain and snow. This lift is versatile in design and decor to match any environment. It can also can be utilized both indoors and outdoors.
Hoistway Enclosed Vertical Wheelchair Lift

Hoistway Enclosed Vertical Wheelchair Lift

If you’re looking to reduce your utility bills, an enclosed vertical platform wheelchair lift is the perfect fit at home as well as at work because of its energy efficiency. It operates smoothly and quietly so it will not disturb residents at home or workers in the office. What’s more, because no pit is required, installing this lift at your premises will be an easy retrofit job.
Residential Vertical Platform Lift (Indoor & Outdoor)

Residential Vertical Platform Lift (Indoor & Outdoor)

Your home will be easier to navigate for people who use wheelchairs when you install one of our residential indoor and outdoor vertical platform wheelchair lifts. They are designed for low-rise applications and amount to a very quick retrofit. Whether a family member is using a wheelchair temporarily while recovering from an injury or surgery, or needs to use a wheelchair because of a permanent disability, you can rely on our wheelchair lift to move him or her gently and with precision.
Telecab17: High Capacity 875 lb. Home Lift

Telecab17: High Capacity 875 lb. Home Lift

The Telecab17 model is a 845 lb. high-capacity home lift, ideal for heavier mobility equipment. No hoist way or pit required. It has a fully enclosed drive tower designed for safety and aesthetics. It requires a less invasive construction project than a traditional home elevator, with only a support wall and floor cutout needed. The aluminum frame is powder-coated (white) with clear acrylic window panels.
Telecab: Versatile 500 lb. Capacity Home Lift

Telecab: Versatile 500 lb. Capacity Home Lift

An excellent choice for homes with limited room for easy access between two floors. Since no pit is required, people often refer to this type as a “vanishing” elevator because it disappears into the floor or ceiling when not in use.

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