Inclined Wheelchair Stairlifts

An inclined wheelchair lift is designed to allow easy wheelchair access to stairs without the high construction costs involved in building a hoistway for an elevator or vertical platform lift.

What’s more, these foldable units allow for maximum usable space on the stairway when they are not in use. Transitions Lift + Elevator carries wheelchair lifts for stairs that vary in speed, lifting capacity and size. We specialize in designing inclined wheelchair lifts and elevators for use in commercial as well as residential spaces.

Two basic types of wheelchair stairlifts are on the market today:

One type of inclined platform wheelchair lift includes a separate machine room, which is typically located underneath the stairs. The other type of wheelchair stair platform relies on a self-contained drive unit located at the top of the stairs or on the machine itself.

You can rest assured that all wheelchair lifts for home and commercial usage that we provide are reliable and safe. We stake our reputation on the integrity and manufacturing quality of each wheelchair lift that we sell.

Whether you are looking to improve accessibility at your home, office, or church, we have a solution for you! Transitions Lift + Elevator is your local accessibility specialist in Kentucky, Southern Indiana and Ohio. We pride ourselves on offering quality equipment and personal service at a fair price.

Wheelchair Lift Installation

Installing a new inclined wheelchair stairlift in your business means that you can open your hiring pool to more qualified applicants, now that access for those who are disabled will no longer be an issue.

If you are putting one of our wheelchair stairlifts in your home, it will make things much easier for elderly and those who are disabled to get around. We provide professional installation to maximize safety and mainatin your product's proper warranty. For assistance in selecting the right wheelchair stairlift at your home or place of work, please contact Transitions Lift + Elevator today.

Curved Inclined Wheelchair Lift (Commercial & Residential)

Curved Inclined Wheelchair Lift (Commercial & Residential)

This curved incline wheelchair platform lift is flexible in design and serves as an alternative to a vertical platform lift or elevator. Business owners and homeowners appreciate its flexibility in installation, as it works with both inside and outside curved stairways, spiral stairs, and on multiple building levels.

It requires minimal construction, which helps hold down cost and impact to the building. The foldaway platform allows full access to the stairs when the lift is not in use. With an audio-visual movement alarm, the wheelchair stairlift is ADA-compliant and meets public building access requirements.

Residential Inclined Platform Lift (Indoor)

Residential Inclined Platform Lift (Indoor)

This lift is ideal for transporting a user and his/her manual wheelchair up and down a straight stairway. People typically install this type of stairlift in their home to accommodate someone who is disabled or an elderly member of the family who uses a wheelchair.

Straight Inclined Platform Wheelchair Lift (Commercial & Residential)

Straight Inclined Platform Wheelchair Lift (Commercial & Residential)

This inclined platform lift carries a passenger with a wheelchair up and down a single flight of straight stairs by traveling along a rail system mounted alongside the stairs. There is no need for a machine room because the motor is onboard the unit, a big benefit and space saver.

Suitable for home and commercial applications, this lift is ideal in environments where an elevator or vertical lift cannot be easily accommodated. Its folding platform enables easy access to stairs when the lift is not in use, making it a popular, ADA-compliant choice for businesses and homeowners. Its battery allows the unit to function during power failures, giving users greater peace of mind and security.


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