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Stair lifts have been around for many years now, but a lot of people still haven't had any personal experience with them.

Are you or a family member currently using a wheelchair to get around your home? If so, are you finding it difficult to access different levels within the home?

Most people know how Transitions helps its customers regain access to buildings through stair lifts, wheelchair lets, and elevators, but what may be surprising to some is just how many resources we

Home elevators are great for more reasons than one, and Transitions can help you decide which one is right for your home.

If you own a home or public building that could benefit from a stair lift, we offer a great, all-purpose option in the Bruno CRE 2110 Residential and Commercial Curved Stair Lift.

The warehouse can be a rough working environment. In fact, it's not uncommon for employees to sustain injuries while working in warehouses.

Transitions prides itself on serving people of all budgets.

Thanks from all of us here at Transitions for another great year serving Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnati, Dayton, and all the surrounding areas.

As we pause to spend time with our families, we recognize and appreciate the many customers who have reached out to us over the years and shared wonderful stories about what it's like for them to g

Looking for an exciting last-minute holiday gift idea for the person who has everything?

What an excellent benefit it is to be able to offer a wheelchair lift that works great inside or outside and doesn't take up a lot of extra space, either.

Staying current has always been our promise to our customers.

Another Thanksgiving is upon us, and it’s time to reflect on all of the things that have made us thankful in the past year.

Here at Transitions, we cover a lot of needs with various products. For example, we have stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, elevators, industrial lifts, dumbwaiters, and a lot more.

Our customers are everything to us. Part of our commitment to them includes a full-service pledge that extends well beyond the purchase date.

Understandably, most customers don't know much about stair lifts until they are in the market for buying one.

A dumbwaiter for the home can unlock new possibilities, save time, prevent injuries, and provide a valuable asset for years of daily use. Transitions has just the one, too.

Elevators and lifts can be complicated machines. More importantly, they present safety issues if not properly installed and maintained.

In case you missed our recent post on Facebook, we linked out to this Wired article about how the elevator has evolved over the

Low-rise commercial building owners have an obvious friend in our Swing Door LULA Elevator.

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