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Many people don't encounter stair lifts in their everyday lives until the time comes when th

Many times, accessibility products are about moving people from one floor of a building t

It's easy to get swept up by fast talking salespeople, especially when you d

Over the years, we have encountered some real disasters when it comes to self-installed lifts.

Installing an elevator into an existing home can be a real undertaking becau

People find themselves in the market for home accessibility products for a variety of reasons

It's one thing to sell something, but it's an altogether different story to sell something and th

Sometimes people get so involved in the details of stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, and elevator

Purchasing a stair lift, wheelchair lift, elevator, dumbwaiter, or some other type of lift mechan

Battery life is a concern with everything from cars to laptops and cell phones.

Here's a product that can be used a lot of different ways.

Though everyone is a candidate for a stair lift, wheelchair lift, or elevator, it's not always

No one wants to experience limitations to their mobility.

As much as we'd like it to be the case, lifts and elevators don't run forever wit

Want a home elevator with style? Look no further than a vacuum elevator from Transitions.

Purchasing an item new is not always the best choice for every consumer.

It doesn't do a customer any good if you offer a service they can use but they can't get t

It's difficult enough for many people to budget for the purchase of an accessibility devic

If you're in charge of a small building (either you own it or are in charge of running/m

This time of year, many people turn their thoughts more toward the outdoors after being coo

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