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If you have an elevator, stair lift, wheelchair lift, LULA, or virtually any accessibility product, Transitions has the parts you need when you need to perform repairs or maintenance. Making sure you have the exact parts for the job is not only a safety concern, but also it will enhance the life of your product, as well.

Well, first of all the great news is that you don’t have to plan for your stair lift purchase if you don’t want (or don’t have time) to do it. Transitions Lift + Elevator has expertly trained team members ready to answer any question you may have and anticipate issues you may not have even considered.

Home elevators make a wonderful addition to a home for many reasons. Whether added as an accessibility product or another reason, it’s easy to see why elevators are a popular home add-on feature.

A residential inclined wheelchair lift provides multi-level access inside of the home. For those who cannot transfer in and out of a stair lift chair, this type of accessibility lift solves the issue of getting up and down from floor to floor.

At its core, it means everyone is included. No one should be rendered on the sidelines due to an inability to climb stairs in this day and age. We have a variety of safe, affordable options for buildings of all types. From elevators to stair lifts and wheelchair lifts, there is something to fit each situation and need.

Yes, a stair lift can be a beautiful thing. Not only does a stair lift provide a necessary service to its riders, but one crafted in the USA by Bruno can also be a complementary asset to a home’s overall décor.

With warmer temperatures coming along, signaling the arrival of spring, people begin to turn their attentions toward outdoor activities once again. And after being trapped inside during the snowy winter months, who could blame them for wanting to get outside again and move about the world a bit?

Many homeowners enjoy the luxury of having the laundry room on the same floor as the bedrooms, but this isn’t always convenient, functional, or even possible. As a result, people end up lugging their laundry up and down stairs, risking injury due to a fall or too much stress in lifting.

Technology in and of itself is fairly neutral. Advancements and new ideas can be used to improve lives, but technology can have its down side, too. It really comes down to the application and in whose hands the technology resides.

People need elevators and lifts for a variety of reasons. Most of the time, however, homeowners and building owners are searching for a way to improve accessibility. Elevators and lifts are very effective at transporting people up and down the various levels of any built structure.

First of all, do you have accessibility needs? Perhaps you or a loved one needs assistance getting from one floor to another within your home or business. Or maybe you have employees that simply shouldn’t be transporting goods from floor to floor by way of the stairs.

If you have accessibility needs within the home, Transitions Lift + Elevator has a product that can help. And since needs can differ widely between individuals, you’ll be glad you have Transitions as your expert advisor during the buying process, as well as for the installation and ongoing maintenance of your product.

We spend a lot of time explaining our products to first-time customers, but there are many reasons customers return to Transitions repeatedly for their accessibility products.

Bruno stair lifts are made to last a long time if properly maintained, so it’s no surprise that many units outlive their usefulness in a particular home. Rather than let perfectly good Bruno stair lifts go to the scrap heap, Transitions buys these lifts so that they may be sold again as used (but still dependable and nice looking) accessibility products.

For good reason, we talk a lot about our home accessibility products, including stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, and elevators. That said, we have plenty of options that enhance industrial operations, as well.

When we began carrying vacuum elevators last year, we were excited and knew that we would enjoy carrying them. A year later, I can report that they’re even better than we expected.

Whether it's ADA-compliance or some other regulation, building owners have certain ways that they must comply to make accommodations for different types of accessibility needs. For some buildings, this can be difficult, and owners may become stressed about what to do and how to maintain the accessibility solutions they already have in place.

Some people know from experience what they want in a stair lift before they buy one, but others have no experience whatsoever when the need arises. In either case, calling Transitions is a great way to begin the buying process.

Attention: Any building owners who possess a condo, church/temple, school, or any other low rise building needing vertical access—you don't have to pay a fortune.


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