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Thank you to everyone who stopped by to see us at this past weekend’s New Home & Remodeling Marketplace, which took place at the Kentucky Horse Park’s Alltech Arena in Lexington, KY.

If you are in the market for a stair lift in the Lexington area, Louisville area, or the greater Cincinnati area, then you probably already know that Transitions Lift + Elevator should be the first

For years now, Transitions Lift + Elevator has serviced Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnati, and all points in between for accessibility needs across the board.

Any time we show our automatic slim line elevators, we catch the eyes of discerning customers who care about the design elements of a home elevator.

Wheelchairs solve a lot of mobility problems, but one obstacle they can’t conquer is a level change.

Our commitment to serving as many people as possible is real.

Glad you asked. A stair lift enables people who cannot (or who would prefer not to) walk up or down stairs to move from one level to the other using the staircase.

In the past, maybe you have hesitated to install a lift in your house because you have some concerns and unanswered questions. What will it do to the look of my house?

No one wants to give up their home just because of trouble using the stairs to get up and down from different levels in the home.

Once homeowners obtain their first dumbwaiter, they are often amazed that they ever got by without one.

It’s an exciting feeling to service local communities.

Transitions Lift + Elevator is the leader in providing lifts and elevators to homes, private buildings, and public buildings throughout Kentucky, southern Ohio, and southern Indiana.

If you read our blog last week, then you’re aware that we now have vacuum elevators available for home installation in the Louisville, Cincinnati, and Lexington areas.

Vacuum elevators are the latest in safe, eco-friendly elevator design, and we are proud to bring them to our customers in the Lexington, Cincinnati, and Louisville areas.

Increase the productivity in your warehouse by purchasing a package handling lift from Transitions Lift + Elevator.

Our products make huge differences in people’s lives. The installation of a stair lift, elevator, or wheelchair lift could mean the difference between staying in or selling the family home.

When it comes to an investment as large as the installation of an elevator or a stair lift, customers typically rely on an industry leader, one with experience and a proven track record of excellen

Vertical access is important to any multi-level building. It is especially important to building owners of condos, churches, schools, and low-rise apartments.

As the weather warms up, people begin to move more activities outdoors.

While it’s true that some people dream of moving some place warmer when they retire, most of us, whether we live in Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnati, or in some town in between, want to remain in

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