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Nashville area residents and building owners all face similar issues when it comes to accessibility. If you need to make changes in a building to accommodate people who cannot walk up and down stairs, such as those who are elderly, have a disability, or are currently recovering from an injury, then a stairlift from Transitions Lift + Elevator may be just the product you need.

At Transitions Lift + Elevator, we are experts at customizing designs to suit or customers' needs, and we produce equipment on demand, such as a stair lift (also sometimes called an electric stair climber or a chair lifts for stairs). Chances are that someone needs increased accessibility in your building, and we can provide a winning solution at an economical price.

Stairlifts provide necessary safety accommodations for those who cannot evacuate buildings via the stairs during an emergency. And just during a normal, regular day of business, stairlifts allow any building to welcome people inside the premises, regardless of their mobility challenges.

Stairlifts of All Sizes and Designs

Once you experience one of our curved or straight stairlifts for yourself, you’ll see why it’s a stairlift that Nashville homeowners and business owners alike have come to rely on over the many years we’ve been in business.

We are proud to offer a wide variety of lifting systems, including:

  • Stairlift systems
  • Custom home elevators
  • Custom business elevators
  • Vertical platform lifts
  • Inclined wheelchair lifts
  • LULA commercial elevators
  • Material lifts
  • Dumbwaiters

Straight Stairlifts

When it comes to moving between stories, you need a strong and stable mechanism that can safely transport employees or members of your family who require assistance.

Our straight stairlifts are sturdy and reliable. We equip them with safety belts and padded armrests to make the transition between floors smooth and safe. This is crucial for elderly people, handicapped people, and those who are recovering from a broken leg or other injury.

For straight stairlifts, we offer models that can support 300 pounds and 400 pounds, depending on your needs.

Curved Stairlifts

curved staircase can be as elegant as a work of art, and it exemplifies the sense of style that you’d like to project whether at a business or in a home environment.

Curved stairlifts are a bit trickier than standard straight stairlifts, but our team has the knowledge, experience and training to create and install the best curved stairlifts currently available in the greater Nashville area and beyond.

As with our straight stairlifts, each curved stairlift that we provide has safety features such as safety belts and padded armrests. They can support up to 400 pounds.

Contact Transitions Lift + Elevator Today

Whether you need a new stairlift for your home or place of work, it pays to have a team of professionals that you can rely on to design, build and install the perfect system for your particular use requirements. Installation typically takes just a day, and we will work with your schedule to come at the most convenient time and date.

At Transitions Lift + Elevator, we are devoted to providing the best possible curved stairlifts and straight stairlifts to our customers. We welcome the opportunity to serve you. For more details on our Nashville stairlifts or to make an appointment to consult on your new stairlift project, please contact us today.


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