LULA Swing Door Commercial Elevator

  • LULA Commercial Swing Door Elevator
  • LULA Commercial Swing Door Elevator
  • LULA Commercial Swing Door Elevator
When your low-rise building has limited space, the commercial Swing Door LULA elevator is the ideal solution. It is a commercial elevator capable of supporting 1,400 pounds and can fit in a hoistway as small as 30-square feet. It has enough room for a wheelchair and an attendant. The standard cab includes ¾-inch wood car walls set off with a laminate finish and stainless steel handrail. The momentary push-button control allows for easy operation and includes Braille and a fully functional phone. Fixtures and trim are made from satin stainless steel. Tough but lightweight alumifold center panels go into the construction of the elevator door.

The Swing Door LULA Elevator is an ideal fit for any low-rise commercial building. It’s great for applications with limited space; fitting into a hoistway of approximately 30 square feet. The cab is rated for 1400 lbs. and the inside space clears 18 square feet, which provides ample room for a wheelchair and attendant.

Inside the cab the Swing Door LULA comes standard with 3/4" wood core walls with a laminate finish, a stainless steel handrail, momentary push button operation with braille, electric alarm signal & push button, and phone cabinet with a full functional phone. All signal fixtures and trim are satin stainless steel and the elevator door inside the cab is alumifold with 3 perforated center panels.

Standard Features: 
  • 1400 lb. capacity - 18 sq. ft. platform
  • 2-Speed operation with automatic 2-way leveling
  • 3/4" wood core walls with plastic laminate finish
  • One 2" x 3/8" stainless steel handrail
  • 1/4” recess for flooring by others
  • Power unit located adjacent to rails at lowest landing
  • Microprocessor control with tape selector
  • Momentary pushbutton operation with Braille
  • Hoistway door interlocks
  • Instantaneous car safety device
  • Electric alarm signal & pushbutton
  • All signal fixtures and trim to be satin stainless steel
  • ADA Compliant Speakerphone
  • Alumifold Car Gate with 3 perforated center panels
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI A17.1 National Safety Code
  • W (2) Buffer Springs included
  • Emergency battery-powered lowering & lighting with alarm 
Installation Information: 

Professional Measure + Installation available in the following areas: Greater Cincinnati, Greater Dayton, OH, Northern Kentucky, Greater Louisville, KY including Southern Indiana, Central Kentucky, Eastern and Southern Ky.

  • Custom Cab Height (Maximum 96")
  • Additional Recessed Lighting (two are standard)
  • Additional Stainless Steel Handrail (one comes standard)
  • All Perforated Alumifold Folding Cab Door
  • Power Operator(s) for Alumifold Cab Door
  • Power Operator(s) for Swing Doors
  • EZ Entry Hollow Metal Hoistway Doors (1 1/2 hr UL Labeled)
  • Hall Digital Position Indicator
  • In Car Station Position Indicator
  • Car Travelling Lantern 

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