2 Speed Sliding Door LULA Elevator

  • 2 Speed Sliding Door LULA Elevator
  • 2 Speed Sliding Door LULA Elevator
  • 2 Speed Sliding Door LULA Elevator
This LULA elevator gives you all the standard features of a conventional passenger elevator in a smaller cab and at small fraction of the cost. Automatic power sliding doors permit easy access to the car, which is standard at 42 inches by 54 inches and can accommodate 1,400 pounds. Your company can improve its efforts to “go green” thanks to LULA’s energy-efficient recessed lights that turn on only when the elevator is in use. The ADA-compliant speakerphone gives elevator riders greater peace of mind that they can communicate if needed while in transit. High-quality baked enamel walls and the stainless steel handrail are examples of features that increase the elevator’s durability.

This product is PERFECT for a Condo, Church/Temple, School, or any low rise building needing vertical access.  All of the basic features of a passenger elevator with a smaller cab and at a FRACTION of the cost.

This Elevator is equipped with automatic power sliding commercial doors. The returns are constructed of durable stainless steel. Standard car size is 42" x 54" with a capacity of 1400 lbs. The ceiling comes standard with two energy efficient recessed lights that illuminate the interior during use. The hall call buttons light up, as the car is traveling from floor to floor.

Features, such as the stainless steel handrail and baked enamel walls, add quality and durability to every car. Each Limited Use/Limited Application Elevator is precision built to assure the owner's complete satisfaction.

Standard Features: 
  • 1400 lb. capacity - 18 sq. ft. platform
  • 2-Speed operation with automatic 2-way leveling
  • 3/4" wood core walls with plastic laminate finish
  • One 2" x 3/8" stainless steel handrail
  • Horizontal sliding two speed automatic door(s) and entrances
  • 1/4” recess for flooring by others
  • Power unit located adjacent to rails at lowest landing
  • Microprocessor control with tape selector
  • Momentary pushbutton operation
  • Hoistway door interlocks
  • Instantaneous car safety device
  • Electric alarm signal & pushbutton
  • All signal fixtures and trim to be satin stainless steel
  • ADA Compliant Speaker Phone
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI A17.1 National Safety Code
  • (2) Buffer Springs included
  • Emergency lighting and alarm bell
Installation Information: 

Professional Measure + Installation available in the following areas: Greater Cincinnati, Greater Dayton, OH, Northern Kentucky, Greater Louisville, KY including Southern Indiana, Central Kentucky, Eastern and Southern Ky.

  • Custom Cab Height (Maximum 96")
  • Additional Recessed Lighting (two are standard)
  • Additional Stainless Steel Handrail (one comes standard)
  • Hall Digital Position Indicator
  • Car Station Digital Position Indicator
  • Hall Lanterns
  • Fan
  • Fire Service Phase I & II

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