Reasons to Choose an Inclined Wheelchair Stairlift

Faced with the need for a wheelchair lift, it can be a confusing decision for most people. What are the options? Which wheelchair lift makes the most sense for you and your building? What differences actually matter to those who use them?

Fortunately, Transitions Lift + Elevator specializes in answering just these types of questions and more. We help our customers understand the options they have so that they end up with the right wheelchair lift for them.

For example, you may want an inclined wheelchair lift if you want to avoid installing a machine room into your building. These lifts are driven from within and have space-saving designs that help you achieve your accessibility goals as unobtrusively as possible.

Plus, inclined wheelchair stair lifts are foldable so that the stairways can be used by walkers when the wheelchair lift is not in use. For existing staircases, this makes a lot of sense because current users don't have to find an alternate means of access.

With your safety and satisfaction assured by Transitions, choosing an inclined wheelchair lift is a smart choice for many customers. Getting the access you need at a nice price without the necessity of a machine room is a great deal.

To find out more about your wheelchair lift options, contact us here at Transitions. We're ready to assist you!

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