Vacuum Elevators in Three Sizes

Want a home elevator with style? Look no further than a vacuum elevator from Transitions. Unlike other elevator types, vacuum elevators are driven by air and lack the larger footprint of a traditional elevator.

We offer them in three different sizes: 30", 37", and 52" models are all available. Essentially, this equates to a single passenger, dual passenger, or three passenger option with carrying capacities of 350 lbs, 450 lbs, and 525 lbs.

These super cool vacuum elevators are manufactured without hoistway shafts and don't require a pit like a lot of other elevators do. Consequently, they can be installed in existing homes almost as easily as in new home builds.

With the ability to travel 35 feet vertically and make four stops along the way, vacuum elevators serve the needs of just about any residence. And with highly sought accessibility benefits, as well as a beautiful look, these elevators can really increase the value of the home, as well.

The decision to install a home elevator comes with its share of questions, even amongst homeowners who already know what they want. Transitions Lift + Elevator is always here to help. Let us lend you our expertise to make sure you are comfortable with your purchase and get exactly what you want. Contact us today!

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