Inclinator Elevette Machine Roomless Geared Elevator

Need an elevator for your building? You have a variety of options from which to choose, so you can really pick out the exact model that fits your needs. But with all the options that are out there, how do you know which one to choose?

Good news. Transitions can help you from start to finish (and beyond). For years, we've been an industry leader for elevator installation in Cincinnati, Louisville, Lexington, Dayton, and all their surrounding areas. We'd be delighted to help you, too!

For today's blog, we're featuring the Inclinator Elevette Machine Roomless Geared Elevator. It's an awesome elevator, built to be powerful yet smooth and quiet. Plus, the Elevette is a real space saver because the winding drum is on the top of the rail system.

Avoiding a machine room is accomplished by placing the drive system entirely in the shaft way. The geared motor and counterweight system complete the balance. This wonderful elevator allows for up to six landings (60 feet of travel) and can carry 950 lbs.

The fact is that you have many choices when it comes to elevators. Rely on Transitions to help you find the best elevator for your particular needs. Our industry experience and dedication to customer service means that you'll be in good hands throughout the process.

Plus, you'll have a dependable resource for the life of your elevator. Contact us today!

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