Getting Around the Curves with Your Stair Lift

Staircases pose different accessibility obstacles depending on how the rest of a particular building is structured. In some homes, for example, the main staircase has a curve to it, making the issue more complicated than just a straight up-and-down journey.

In cases like this, the perfect solution is a curved stair lift system. Transitions Lift + Elevator specializes in selling and installing curved stair lifts, and we can make the appropriate customizations to fit each job properly.

We carry high quality Bruno stair lifts because they are reliable, durable, and safe. We stand behind all of our lifts and offer full-service maintenance and repairs throughout the life of your machine. Transitions will be your accessibility partner all the way.

Curved stair lifts can really improve a resident's quality of life. Indeed, for some homeowners, it's the difference between staying in the family home and having to be uprooted to a different style of home. Curved stair lifts also free up other people who may be acting as caretakers for those who can't move from one floor to another floor by themselves.

Stair lifts offer freedom for their users, and curved stair lifts provide access in buildings with curved staircases. Transitions has accessibility solutions for just about any type of building situation, whether it's indoors or outdoors, occupying many floors or just two.

No matter what, let Transitions be your trusted accessibility provider. We'll take care of you from first inquiry through installation and maintenance. Select a stair lift provider you can trust--select Transitions!

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