How We Can Help with ADA Compliance

ADA compliance affects many people, including those with disabilities (and their loved ones), as well as private employers with 15 or more employees, businesses operating for the benefit of the public, and all state and local government agencies.

In short ADA compliance affects everyone, whether on a small level or an immediate one. And Transitions Lift + Elevator is here to help everyone involved. We have the equipment to provide the accessibility people need, and we have the expertise to customize the job according to each building's layout.

For example, the needs of a church or synagogue may be very different from those of a school or office structure. Transitions has expertise with all types of buildings, and we will make sure your ADA compliance solution makes the most sense for you.

Balancing the goals of providing excellent access to multiple building levels and using a building's space correctly creates complications. Trusting an industry leader like Transitions is a smart move because we handle custom installs and maintenance every day.

And when it comes to large jobs and public safety, you don't want to have any guesswork involved. Call Transitions today! We have the best lift and elevator solutions, combined with top-notch service and a lifetime commitment to taking care of our customers.

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