Top Reasons to Get a Curved Rail Stair Lift

Many people (especially those new to accessibility products) wonder why some people install curved rail stair lifts instead of straight rail stair lifts. Generally speaking, this depends on where the stair lift needs to go and whether there are any twists and turns involved in the area.

Many homes have preexisting curved rail staircases that connect floors already. And when accessibility needs arise, a curved rail stair lift represents the easiest solution for fitting alongside the established rail.

Other customers purchase a curved rail lift to navigate outdoor areas where property paths and/or trails wind around trees or other obstructions. Customizing the path for the stair lift helps users get up and down hills effectively and safely.

There is one more major category of customer who decides to purchase a curved rail stair lift. Those who own public building with curved rails also benefit from these models. For the same reasons home customers like installing along preexisting rails, commercial customers are the same way. This allows for an excellent method of serving everyone's accessibility needs, while working within the architectural footprint of the building.

No matter what the reason is for wanting a curved rail stair lift, Transitions Lift + Elevator is a trusted resource of industry expertise and customer service guidance. We sell, install, and provide full service, so don't hesitate to contact us with questions. We're ready to meet your accessibility needs today!

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