The Best Way to Choose a Stair Lift

Purchasing a stair lift can be a complicated decision, one that brings up many questions and curiosities. In order to make a proper buying decision, it's important to prioritize the most important factors and understand what really matters most.

Transitions Lift + Elevator serves as the perfect partner for customers searching for the best stair lift to suit their needs because Transitions offers expertise and years of first-hand knowledge on all aspects of the stair lift industry. We can help you ask the right questions so that your buying decision is as easy as possible.

First, assess your goals with the stair lift. Will it be primarily for one person or will multiple people likely be using it? Getting a clear picture of what the stair lift is supposed to accomplish is a great initial step.

Next, think about your budget. When you purchase a stair lift from Transitions and have us install it professionally, you can count on its safety and functionality. But your budget can have an impact on secondary concerns, such as customizations, finishes, and other extra features that are convenient (but not essential) to have.

Once you know who is being served by the lift and how much you are willing to spend, you can check out the different models that fulfill these needs. Transitions has showrooms in Louisville, Cincinnati, and Lexington, which allow you to see our various offerings firsthand prior to selecting your favorite.

We hope this helps you choose the right stair lift for you. Make sure to contact us early in your buying process so that we can help answer any questions you may have.

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