Stair Lift 101 from Transitions

One of the ways we approach our business is through educating customers who may not be familiar with our products. Not everyone has had personal experiences with stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, and home elevators, so we strive to answer questions and provide as much information as possible prior to the sale.

When we are approached about a stair lift, we want to make sure that the customer understands how it works and what the benefits are. For example, a stair lift is basically a chair with armrests, a swivel lever, and a safety belt that has been attached to a track that spans the length of a stairway.

Stair lifts allow for the safe transfer of an individual from one level of a building to another level of a building. This can be anywhere, really: residences, public buildings, schools, churches, etc. The stair lift user maintains independence via a stair lift by continuing to be able to move from floor to floor without assistance.

Our stair lifts come with two remote controls so that it can be controlled from multiple floors, whether or not it's parked on the same floor as the user. They also come with rechargeable batteries so that power outages don't affect the user's ability to move safely about the building.

There are no special building alterations needed in order to install a stair lift, and one can be installed on either side of a staircase. Installation usually takes only one day, as well.

And these are just the basics. At Transitions, we are available to answer any mobility questions you have, from installation to maintenance to general use. We have you covered. Shop with confidence--shop with Transitions Lift + Elevator!

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