Short-Term Stair Lift Rental Solutions

Most of the time, we sell stair lifts to customers who will get use from them for many years to come. They purchase the lifts to solve a mobility issue and to make life easier in the home they love.

In certain situations, however, the need for a stair lift is temporary. For these customers, Transitions offers the ability to rent a stair lift instead of forcing them to purchase a product they will only need for a limited time.

Some stair lift rental customers are simply recovering from illness or injury. In cases like this, a stair lift can help speed up recovery by preventing the user from having to use their injured body part just to get up and down stairs within the house.

Other stair lift rental customers are covering a need for a temporary stay by a friend or relative. While there may not be any permanent residents who need a stair lift, it could make all the difference in the visitor's stay.

Transitions will install and remove your rented stair lift, while also providing any necessary maintenance or service to the lift while it's being rented. We'll take away all the hassle and make it as easy as possible.

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