What Residential Accessibility Means

For those fortunate enough not to need accessibility products to move vertically in buildings, it's easy to take this freedom of movement for granted. In fact, most people will take a couple of stairs on a porch without even thinking about what kind of barrier this would mean for a wheelchair user.

Now think about how you use your home. Do you have a second story bedroom or a basement laundry room? Chances are your home is multi-level in some way, and maintaining access to all areas is important for anyone who lives there.

Transitions Lift + Elevator provides all types of solutions for those seeking better accessibility within their homes. We have a full line of stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, and elevators, plus the ability to customize our products during installation so that your home will look amazing.

Restoring a resident's access to an entire home means reclaiming a lifestyle for that person. No one wants to encounter barriers when it comes to access, especially within the home. This translates into freedom and self-sufficiency, which means a higher quality of life.

At Transitions, we pride ourselves on helping people adjust to changing accessibility needs within the home. We are experts at residential accessibility, so we can recommend the right lift product, install it the right way, and help you maintain it so that its life cycle is maximized. Call Transitions for help with your residential lift needs!

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