Your Porch Lift Source for Wheelchairs

Wheelchair lifts are essential for multilevel homes occupied by a wheelchair user. This includes a change in level at the front or back porch of the home, too. Often, an attached garage will have a step or two, as well, where it connects with the main part of the house.

Transitions Lift + Elevator has the perfect porch lift to provide wheelchair access in both inside and outside applications. And while many porch needs are small in scale, this porch lift can actually travel as far as 14 feet vertically, which especially comes in handy for granting access to second-level decks, a popular feature in homes in our area.

The Residential Indoor and Outdoor Vertical Platform Wheelchair Lift is flexible in the way it's set up, and that allows it to be configured in a way that is convenient for each home owner, providing maximum access to the user. This porch lift is rugged enough to stand up to outdoor conditions, yet sparse enough not to waste valuable indoor space.

Sporting excellent standard features like an automatic self-lowering folding ramp, a 750 pound lifting capacity, and a welded steel tubular guide construction with formed 16 GA sheet steel guarding (as well as many other safety features), the porch lift fulfills accessibility needs safely and effectively. And getting wheelchair users where they need to go is an awesome purpose.

Transitions serves Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnati, Dayton, and all surrounding areas, including the eastern and southern parts of Kentucky. If you are interested in wheelchair lifts, give us a call. We have great customization options and loads of experience in helping customers decide on the best lift to suit their needs. We look forward to earning your trust and your business!

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