Transitions Proudly Offers Inclinator Elevators

When it comes to elevators, we have a lot of options for our customers. Just looking alone at the Inclinator Company of America elevator offerings, we cover a lot of ground.

For example, you may choose between the Inclinator Elevette Winding Drum Elevator with a machine room or without one. The latter has a drive system housed entirely in the shaftway, which saves space and makes an elevator possible in some places where you might not expect.

Or maybe our Inclinator Elevette Hydraulic Elevator is more suitable to your needs. The Inclinator HydraRide can be adjusted to start and stop at different speeds for an extra smooth elevator ride. Plus, the hydraulic tank & controllers only require a small machine room.

Finally, don't forget about the Inclinator Elevette Machine Roomless Geared model, which utilizes an energy efficient counterweight system and no machine room. It's powerful, smooth, quiet, and an efficient use of your space with all the quality you expect from Inclinator.

Our custom finished elevator cabs are truly beautiful. Contact us to see examples of our work and learn more about how you can put an Inclinator Company of America elevator in your plans!

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