Leading the Way in Accessibility Products

Maintaining our status as the trusted community experts on accessibility products is important to us here at Transitions. We have built our reputation with years of dedicated service and attention to detail to help us become leaders in the industry.

And as we have expanded our service range to include Lexington, Cincinnati, Louisville, and Dayton, and all points along the way, our focus has remained consistently on providing customers with the stair lifts, elevators, and wheelchair lifts they want along with the service they deserve.

Not only do we sell accessibility products, but we also service, maintain, and inspect them (even ones that weren't sold by us). Sometimes customer/dealer relationships end at the point of sale, but we maintain our relationships throughout the life of the product. We provide valuable resources to prevent most issues, and we have expertly trained team members to assist when something unforeseen does occur.

Our role in the community extends to those who plan around accessibility products. For example, we offer continuing education classes for builders and architects. Plus we maintain relationships with lenders so that we can help people obtain financing when necessary.

No matter what the situation, Transitions Lift + Elevator is involved in all aspects of accessibility. We enjoy our role in the community and feel an important responsibility in terms of helping people improve their buildings and personal situations within them.

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