The Right Wheelchair Lift for Home Use

Are you or a family member currently using a wheelchair to get around your home? If so, are you finding it difficult to access different levels within the home?

If so, a wheelchair lift from Transitions may be right for you. Our residential indoor incline wheelchair stair lift has been installed in homes throughout Kentucky and southern Ohio, transforming the accessibility possibilities for families all across the map.

The lift itself is both economical and space saving, so you won't break the bank nor will you use up an excessive amount of your indoor space. The wheelchair lift is battery operated and is considered ideal for transporting someone and their manual wheelchair up a straight stairway.

With standard features like a 500-lb weight capacity, a 36" wheelchair length platform, a tidy 13" profile when folded, and safety sensors that will stop the wheelchair lift instantly when encountering an obstacle, this unit really makes sense for a wide variety of accessibility customers.

Plus, Transitions has years of experience installing and maintaining this lift. Call us and let us know about your needs. We'll be able to recommend a lift (whether it's this one or a different one) that best suits your home. Looking forward to serving you!

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