Choose a Curved Stair Lift from Transitions

If you own a home or public building that could benefit from a stair lift, we offer a great, all-purpose option in the Bruno CRE 2110 Residential and Commercial Curved Stair Lift.

Lots of different reasons lead to the decision to install a stair lift. Some people are having trouble accessing multiple levels within their own home, while others are seeking ways to increase access to their office spaces. Whatever the reason, Transitions has you covered with this fantastic, Made in the USA model.

The Electra-Ride III Custom Curved Rail Stair Lift can be installed in just a few weeks, which cuts down on the inconvenience and gets people up and moving quickly. This model is equipped with a generous seat size and boasts a 400 lb weight capacity to service users of many different sizes.

An offset swivel seat makes entry and exit at the top landing safe and easy, while adjustable width arm rests, multiple seat heights, and flip-up seat and arm rests make the ride comfortable and pleasant. Plus, the lift has a direct drive motor/gear box, which cuts down on the maintenance and fear caused by worn-out belts.

If you're ready to make the call today, Transitions is here to receive it. It is our honor to serve Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnati, Dayton, and areas in between for all of their accessibility needs, including stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, elevators, and more! Call us now to get started!

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