Vacuum Elevator for Your Home

Looking for an exciting last-minute holiday gift idea for the person who has everything? Or better yet, looking for a way to improve your home's look, functionality, and overall value all in one fell swoop?

Think about installing a vacuum elevator. They come in three different sizes, from a 30" model all the way up to a 52" model, with a 37" model in the middle. With flexibility like that, anyone can find the right size to fit their home.

Plus, they don't leave as large a footprint during installation as most other elevators, either. Vacuum elevators don't require a pit, and they're manufactured with their own hoistway shaft, too. They can travel up to 35 feet with as many as four stops built into the journey.

And the cool look of the vacuum elevator provides the icing on the cake. Not only will visitors be impressed and fascinated by the elevator itself, the rest of your house will only be minimally impacted by the install, which will keep your impacted rooms looking great, as well.

Less a splurge and more an investment, the vacuum elevator checks off all the items on your wish list. Call Transitions today to find out more about adding one to your home!

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