Transitions Has Inclinator VL Wheelchair Lifts for Commercial and Residential Use

What an excellent benefit it is to be able to offer a wheelchair lift that works great inside or outside and doesn't take up a lot of extra space, either. That is exactly what we have in the Inclinator VL Wheelchair Lift.

With an efficient design that simply goes up and down, the Inclinator allows wheelchair users to gain access to different levels quickly, safely, and easily. All the while, the building owner enjoys the compact use of space and the accommodation the lift affords.

Suitable for both public buildings and private homes, the Inclinator VL Wheelchair Lift can be installed at optional sizes, with 12 square feet being the standard and 18 square feet being the maximum in lift area. Safety is assured via the emergency stop, alarm, battery backup, and solid construction. With up to three stops and 12 feet of travel, the Inclinator unlocks a lot of possibilities.

Transitions not only sells these lifts but offers prompt, professional installation, as well. If you have questions of any type about the Inclinator (or wheelchair lifts in general) contact us at Transitions. We now have three showrooms to service you better, with locations in Lexington, Louisville, and Cincinnati.

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