Add a Vertical Reciprocating Conveyer to Your Warehouse

Do you know what a vertical reciprocating conveyor is? It is a machine that moves materials from one level to another level, usually found inside of factories, warehouses, and industrial buildings.

They really improve safety for workers who would otherwise be tasked with moving potentially heavy stock items from floor to floor. A vertical reciprocating conveyor takes the burden off of human backs and provides a safe transportation area that can easily handle thousands of pounds.

Plus, they are built to have a nice, flat open area in which to load and unload. It’s convenient, safe, and increases productivity by making transportation tasks more efficient within the warehouse environment.

Transitions Lift + Elevator can help you design and install a vertical reciprocating conveyor for through-floor, interior or exterior applications. Once installed, Transitions can also help you maintain the lift for the life of the product. With so much to be gained in safety and financial terms, why wait? Contact us now for more information!

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