Get an Enclosed Vertical Wheelchair Lift

Our Savaria vertical wheelchair lift is a great option for both indoor and outdoor applications.

It works great for public buildings where there is a need to isolate the movement between levels in one relatively small vertical plain. And yet it still sports generous 34”x54” standard platform dimensions, capable of traveling up to 23 feet at a rate of 25 feet per minute, all the while carrying a maximum load of 750 pounds.

A vertical wheelchair lift works great for residential purposes, as well. Many customers install one to transport a family member from the driveway level to the deck level in their home. With no machine room necessary, the unit relies on a gear type hydraulic pump and 115 VAC operation.

Plus, we have the safety features and specs you expect and value:

  • Electronic free relay logic controller
  • Automatic battery recharging system  (115 VAC)
  • Combination mechanical lock and electric contacts or electric strike
  • Low voltage controls
  • Normal limit switch
  • Control buttons on platform
  • Keyed call station
  • Continuous pressure directional buttons

At Transitions, we have years of experience installing enclosed vertical wheelchair lifts. Helping people achieve their accessibility goals is our passion, and we’re ready to help you take the next step in the buying process.

Give us a call today and place your trust in the industry professionals. We proudly represent Lexington, Cincinnati, Louisville, and all parts in between and around these fine cities!

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