So … What Is a Stair Lift, Anyway?

Glad you asked. A stair lift enables people who cannot (or who would prefer not to) walk up or down stairs to move from one level to the other using the staircase. The lift attaches securely to the rail and functions easily and safely.

Stair lifts are devices that can be installed either indoors or outdoors—anywhere there is a staircase. In fact, stair lifts don’t even require a straight rail in order to function because curved rail stair lifts work just as well as straight rails do. The user sits in the chair, guarded by a safety belt, and moves up and down using controls located on the stair chair lift itself.

During installation, they don’t require any major modifications to the building and can usually be up and running in one day. They may be mounted on the left or right side, and they come with lots of other customizable features—everything from added safety enhancements to designs and colors.

Anyone who finds stairs to be difficult, dangerous, or even impossible to negotiate is a strong candidate for a stair lift. They work just as well in private homes as they do in public buildings, and the benefits they pass along to their users are immeasurable.

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