Choose Transitions Lift & Elevator for Your Commercial Elevator Needs

While it’s true that we are specialists in maintaining and installing elevators for use within the home, our focus is not limited exclusively to the domestic side of the industry. For example, we install elevators in office buildings, churches, schools, condominiums, or any other low-rise building. And though the fundamentals are similar from building to building, the details are always different, and that’s where our experience shows through—in the customization and finalization of each job.

When it comes to commercial elevators, we offer a choice: the first is a commercial compact swing door elevator and the other is a low-rise commercial applications model with sliding doors.

The Swing Door LULA only needs 30 square feet of hoistway, making it ideal for commercial buildings with a limited area. The interior is suitable for a wheelchair rider, plus an attendant, and the cab features a phone, Braille-outfitted push buttons, and a charming combination of wood and stainless steel.

The Limited Use/Limited Application Elevator sports quality, durability, and crafted precision. And what you get is a passenger elevator, except on a smaller scale and at a much cheaper price. Two energy efficient recessed bulbs light its stainless steel car, and the sliding doors are commercial-grade.

Either way you go, your low-rise will be in tip-top shape and ready to accommodate visitors who need help getting from floor to floor. If this sounds like something that may fit your needs, please give us a call today at 1-877-341-3555.

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