Savaria Stair Chair Lifts and Wheelchair Lifts

Savaria has been a worldwide leader in the accessibility trade for over 30 years. Savaria has built thousands of lifts and elevators used around the world to help improve access for wheelchair users and other mobility challenged people in the home and in public spaces. Manufacturing the complex lifts requires a combination of automated machine precision and human craftsmanship for luxury wood-paneled interiors and inspection.

Transitions Lift and Elevator is an authorized dealer for Savaria. We sell, service, maintain, and sell replacement parts for all Savaria products throughout Kentucky and Southern Ohio including Eastern Kentucky, Western Kentucky, Southern Kentucky, Lexington, Louisville, and Cincinnati Ohio. 

Commercial and Residential Straight Stair Chair Lifts

Savaria offers straight rail systems for indoor or outdoor use to accommodate any home or commercial space. The stair chair lift enables people to climb stairs safely and comfortably. Savaria manufactures several types of stair lift systems, which are listed below:

B.07, Step-Saver, and SL1000

Residential and Commercial Inclined Platform and Vertical Platform Wheelchair Lifts

Savaria offers several types of wheelchair lifts to suit your needs. Transitions Lift & Elevator installs and services the many Savaria options, whether the need is a straight up and down or an inclined lift over stairs, such as:

ES-125 Inclined Platform Lift, Multilift Deck Lift, V-1504 Vertical Platform lift, PAL Vertical Platform Lift, Prolift Vertical Platform Lift, S64 Inclined Platform Lift, or C65 Inclined Platform Lift.

Residential and LULA Elevators

Transitions Lift & Elevator installs, services and completes routine maintenance on several Savaria models including:

Infinity, Eclipse, Telecab



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