Acorn Stair Chair Lifts and Wheelchair Lifts

Acorn is one the country’s leading stair chair lift manufacturers. Acorn has sold over 125 thousand stairlifts and counting, “helping people regain the freedom of their home”.

Transitions Lift & Elevator is an authorized dealer for Acorn Stairlifts. Transitions Lift and Elevator sells, services, maintains, and sells replacement parts for Acorn lifts throughout Kentucky and Southern Ohio including Eastern Kentucky, Western Kentucky, Southern Kentucky, Lexington, Louisville, and Cincinnati Ohio. Transitions Lift and Elevator also buys and refurbishes some used Acorn stair lifts when the lift is no longer needed.

Curved and Straight Stair Chair Lifts

Acorn has stair lift systems designed to fit your indoor or outdoor space. There are standard straight lifts or curved rail systems designed specifically to accommodate most stair well designs. Stair chair lifts enable people to climb stairs safely, comfortably, and remain in their own home. Acorn stair lifts fold up to regain space and are mounted to the step tread. Acorn has manufactured several types of stair lift systems, which are listed below: Superglide, Superglide Perch Model, Superglide Sit and Stand Model, Superglide Outdoor Model, Acorn 120 Brooks, and Acorn 80 Curved

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