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Few things are more frustrating than not having the equipment needed to move around your home or around a business you visit. Whether you are in a wheelchair or are suffering from a serious injury or aging joints, looking at a flight of stairs and wondering how you can possibly move up and down the steps is both daunting and frustrating.

Transitions Lift + Elevator can help. We provide homeowners and businesses with a wide range of stair lift systems, including indoor and outdoor stair lifts for commercial and residential buildings. From the Bruno model indoor and outdoor stair lifts to elevators and material lifts, we provide you with the innovative system needed to make sure you and your guests easily move around your home or workplace.

If you are in Louisville, KY, and are in need of an innovative lifting system, call or email us today.

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Why hire our company?

Professional Service
We love what we do. We deliver exceptional service from the initial contact to completed installation.

Planning and Design
No matter the project scale or size, we are here to help design a solution. Our products can be designed to match any aesthetic while delivering the ideal lift.

Exceptional Quality and Value
We focus on delivering exceptional quality products at a great value. This philosophy keeps our lifts and elevators operating smoothly with regular maintenance.

Reliable Maintenance and Service
We are dedicated to the safe operation of your lift or elevator. We offer affordable maintenance plans and service for equipment.


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