Commercial Material Lifts in Louisville, KY

For all your vertical reciprocating conveyor needs in the Louisville, Kentucky area, call the friendly & professional staff at Transitions Lift + Elevator. Transitions Lift + Elevator specializes in vertical reciprocating lifts, or VRCs as they are known. Our conveyor systems can be installed in factories, warehouses, industrial plants, institutions or anywhere you may need to transport materials from one level to the next.

Our price on quality equipment and service is beyond compare. Our company offers personalized installation, and service for your conveyor. We pride ourselves on offering the best quality conveyor systems at a fair price equals satisfied and happy customers. Our customers have peace of mind knowing they can depend on their equipment and our company! Transitions Lift + Elevator prides itself on quality equipment, customer service & fair prices!

Transitions Lift + Elevator offers many options for this custom material lift. Our lifts are durable and made from high quality construction materials that ensure safe, reliable long term performance. All of our conveyor material lifts meet ANSI/ASM B20.1

Give our friendly staff a call today at 502-423-7199 to schedule an appointment for on-site evaluation.

Transitions Lift + Elevator is a Licensed & Insured Elevator Contractor (License No. EVC10003). We provide professional installation, maintenance and service on PFlow vertical reciprocating conveyors.

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Why hire our company?

Professional Service
We love what we do. We deliver exceptional service from the initial contact to completed installation.

Planning and Design
No matter the project scale or size, we are here to help design a solution. Our products can be designed to match any aesthetic while delivering the ideal lift.

Exceptional Quality and Value
We focus on delivering exceptional quality products at a great value. This philosophy keeps our lifts and elevators operating smoothly with regular maintenance.

Reliable Maintenance and Service
We are dedicated to the safe operation of your lift or elevator. We offer affordable maintenance plans and service for equipment.


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