Selecting The Best Residential Straight Rail Stairlift In Cincinnati For Your Family

If you’re in need of a residential straight rail stairlift in Cincinnati to accommodate a sick, injured or elderly family member, you’ve come to the right place! At Transitions Lift + Elevator, our expertly trained professionals have years of experience installing stair chair lifts for homeowners just like you.

We take pride in offering equipment built by Bruno. If this company’s standard residential stairlift models don’t match the configuration of your existing staircase, our team will be happy to customize the equipment for you.

Benefits of Installing a Residential Stairlift

For many people, their experience with residential stairlifts consists of seeing them being used in movies or TV shows. We’d like to familiarize you with the chief benefits of this adaptive technology.

A residential stairlift is enormously helpful when a family member has become ill or is recuperating from an injury and cannot move around easily without the help of a wheelchair. Instead of having to change from sleeping in an upstairs bedroom to a room on the first floor, you can stay in your current bedroom.

Independence is another factor. Bruno stairlifts can carry 300 to 400 pounds, depending on the model. This means that you can easily transport packages upstairs while you rise on the straight rail stairlift, instead of having someone carry them for you.

In the event of an emergency such as a fire or flood, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you can evacuate loved ones, even if they need a wheelchair to escape.

Purchasing a Chair Lift for Stairs in Cincinnati

We offer a range of chair lifts for stairs in Cincinnati homes to best accommodate our customers’ varying needs.

When considering your budget for this equipment, keep in mind that you may be eligible to receive a deduction on your federal income taxes when making a modification to your home. A doctor will need to sign off on the chair lift as being medically necessary. Discuss the details with your accountant and physician.

Other assistance may also be available, such as a grant through the Department of Veterans Affairs, or from a local or national foundation for people with diseases or disabilities.

We Install, Inspect, Maintain and Repair Residential Chair Lifts

After the team at Transitions Lift + Elevator has installed your residential stairlift, we don’t fade from the scene.

To get the best return on your investment of this chair lift equipment, we will return on a regular basis to inspect and maintain it. This way, if any problems arise, we can repair them on the spot before they become more serious.

Transitions Lift + Elevator Is Standing by to Help

Would you like a free consultation with one of our experts on selecting the right chair lift for your dwelling? Or, are ready to make an appointment to install your new residential straight rail stairlift? Please contact Transitions Lift + Elevator today at 513-769-5438.


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