Limited Use / Limited Access (LULA) Elevator Systems & Service in Nashville, Tennessee

When it comes to limited use/ limited access elevator needs in greater Nashville, TN and middle Tennessee, you can depend on the pleasant & professional staff at Transitions Lift & Elevator. Transitions Lift & Elevator specializes in limited use limited access elevators, the perfect fit between a a large commercial lift and a standard home elevator. Our LULA systems can be installed in your place of residence or your commercial building like a place of worship, school, or other public buildings. Transitions Lift & Elevator has a simple solution for every application, and Limited Use / Limited Access (LULA) Elevator Systems are often a perfect fit!

Compare ou service, expérience and prices with anyone else, and you'll understand why customers choose us. Transitions provides personalized design, installation, and service for your L.U.L.A. elevators. We pride ourselves on supplying top notch elevator systems at a great price, which translates into happy, satisfied customers. Our customers gain peace of mind from knowing that they can depend on their equipment and our service! We pride ourselves on premium equipment, excellent customer service, and attractive prices!

Transitions Lift & Elevator offers many exciting options for this LULA custom lift. Depending on the application, the limited use/ limited access elevator systems are structured to fit all spaces where bigger commercial elevators simply won't work. These LULA elevators have many of the attractive amenities of a larger elevator, including two-speed automatic doors, lighting, and floor recognition. The LULA elevator is designed to transport multiple users, with a total weight capacity of 1,400 lbs and is ADA wheelchair compliant, as well. Plus, the LULA hydraulic drive system is located in another room, which means the user gets a smooth, quiet ride.

Transitions Lift & Elevator services middle Tennessee and the greater Nashville, TN area.

Give our friendly staff a call today at (615) 649-8483 or 877-341-3555 to schedule an appointment.

Transitions Lift & Elevator is a Licensed & Insured Elevator Contractor (License No. EVC10003). We provide professional installation, maintenance and service on limited use/limited access elevators.

We service the following manufacturers and brands of vertical lift systems: ThyssenKrupp Access, TKAccess, Access Industries, American Crescent, and Savaria.

Showroom by appointment at: 220 Great Circle Rd, Suite #112, Nashville, TN 37228-1759 (map)

(615) 649-8483 or 877- 341-3555 
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Why hire our company?

Professional Service
We love what we do. We deliver exceptional service from the initial contact to completed installation.

Planning and Design
No matter the project scale or size, we are here to help design a solution. Our products can be designed to match any aesthetic while delivering the ideal lift.

Exceptional Quality and Value
We focus on delivering exceptional quality products at a great value. This philosophy keeps our lifts and elevators operating smoothly with regular maintenance.

Reliable Maintenance and Service
We are dedicated to the safe operation of your lift or elevator. We offer affordable maintenance plans and service for equipment.


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