Inclined Platform Stairlifts for Your Business in Nashville, TN

If you want to be able to provide safe access for all of your customers who need access up and down your company's stairs, you should consider an inclines platform stairlift to help achieve this. If no elevator is available, a stairlift is a great choice to help a building become more accessible. For business owners in the greater Nashville area, inclined platform stairlifts are the best solution. If plans for your new job site do not include installing an elevator, an inclined platform stairlift can help everyone take advantage of an existing staircase.

At Transitions Lift + Elevator, we have expertise in aiding customers in selecting and installing the ideal lifting equipment for their needs. Whether a customer needs a platform lift for a small business, a church, or a school institution, Transitions makes it easy to provide custom platform lifts for any need. For example, aging members of a church congregation will appreciate being able to continue to come to church following the installation of one of our platform lifts.

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Who Can Benefit From Commercial Inclined Platform Lifts?

You might think that injured and disabled employees would be the chief beneficiaries of installing commercial inclined stairlifts at a company like yours.

In reality, in addition to ensuring that you provide equal access to all workers — whether or not they have physical limitations — you also open your premises to a wide range of individuals who might otherwise be excluded. What’s more, not everyone will complain about lack of access — at least not to you, that is. The last thing you would want is to be unaware of inadvertently excluding people, due to access issues.

Think of vendors, journalists, potential investors, would-be affiliates or potential franchisees that rely on wheelchairs or crutches and wouldn’t be able to tour your facility, let alone consider doing business with you.

Many organizations have come to see the benefits of ensuring that their premises are ADA compliant by using commercial inclined stairlifts. They know that they have expanded the potential talent pool to more recruits when access is easy at the business. This is how installing commercial stairlifts can be good for an organization’s bottom line.

How You Can Use an Inclined Stair Platform Lift

Inclined platform stairlifts are designed to transport people smoothly up and down stairs when it’s difficult or impossible for them to do it on their own.

When you have sufficient notice, you’ll want to install a stairlift at work before an employee returns back to work from the hospital or rehab. Once installed, you can use it for a range of important purposes, including:

•    Take supplies back to a workspace on the second story at your company
•    Get out of a second-story business as soon as possible in case of an emergency
•    Give ill, injured or weakened individuals a break, letting them sit down instead of having to climb a flight of stairs during recuperation

Transitions Lift + Elevator Can Answer Your Questions

If you are new to researching equipment to help disabled people get about in a work environment, we know how taxing it can be to make sure you’ve covered all the bases. As so many of our recurring customers have noted, it pays to have professionals providing insight and guidance throughout the purchasing process.

This is where the team at Transitions Lift + Elevator can be of enormous help. We will be with you every step of the way, determining what kind of setup your building and people require, and whether you need a customized lift. You’ll also gain insight into proper use and maintenance of the equipment to give you the best return on investment.

For details on your inclined platform wheelchair stairlift options or to consult with one of our experts to assist you in selecting the most suitable model for your business in the greater Nashville area, please contact us today.

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