Your Short Term Stair Lift Rental Resource

While most of the time, we encounter situations where people want stair lifts installed on a permanent basis, there are situations when it does make more sense to rent a stair lift for a temporary amount of time.

Transitions Lift + Elevator understands this and provides stair lift rental opportunities to its customers. That way, even in short-term situations, people have access to the same safe and reliable service that Transitions is known for providing.

Oftentimes, patients recovering from injury or elective surgery will need assistance getting up and down the stairs in their home until they are well enough to negotiate them on their own again. Our stair lift rentals are perfect for these times.

Another example of when a stair lift rental can come in handy is when a visitor with accessibility needs stays at someone else's home. The rental is installed for a set amount of time and then removed by our professional staff members.

Plus, Transitions has you covered for any necessary service or maintenance during the rental period, as well. It's a great deal! If you think you may have a stair lift rental need, give us a call. We're always glad to answer questions and help customers find exactly what suits their needs.

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