Your Lift & Elevator Questions Answered

Do you have a question about a stair lift, wheelchair lift, elevator, or any other type of mechanical lift? If the answer is "yes" then you've come to the right place because Transitions specializes in all types of lifts and elevators.

Not only that, but Transitions Lift + Elevator is the established industry expert in Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnati, Dayton, and their surrounding areas. We have years of experience to draw upon when answering new customer questions.

For example, a lot of buildings require some type of customization along with the installation of a new lift or elevator. Our expertise comes from real world troubleshooting, as well as from trade publications and manufacturer guidelines.

In other words, when you get a lift or elevator from Transitions, you can rest assured that we're taking into account safety and compliance, right along with efficiency and appearance.

And when you're just starting out and you need answers to your preliminary questions, you won't get an annoying hard sell from Transitions. Instead, you'll get the reliable information you need in a professional and courteous manner.

Let your buying experience be pleasant and straightforward. Contact Transitions and let us help you today!

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