Yes, We Can Install a Wheelchair Lift There

The Specialty Courtroom & Rostrum Vertical Wheelchair Lift we offer is amazing because it is specially designed to function and fit seamlessly within the woodwork constraints of either a tight or very public area. As the name implies, common installations are for courtrooms and rostrums (or anywhere public speaking may occur and require the speaker to beat a certain height to reach a fixed microphone).

The unit is both quiet and sturdy, driven by a discrete motor and supported by the twin-rail, chain and sprocket design our customers expect. Operation of the lift is very simple, allowing first-time users the ability to take control of it without missing a beat. Plus, the same safety devices are included as would be with other types of wheelchair lifts, including an emergency stop button, speed and height limits, and door interlocks.

If you own a facility and need to outfit it with state and federally approved access, in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act or any other ANSI/ASME code-related regulation, we can help. We have the ability and experience to customize your lift and make it work well with your existing décor. Installation and maintenance are a snap, and we’ll be here to guide your through the entire ownership process. If you are interested or have any questions concerning the purchase of a vertical wheelchair lift (specialty or non-specialty) give us a call or drop us an email. We’re always here to help and have been servicing areas in and around Kentucky and Cincinnati for years.

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