Why Professional Lift Installation Is So Important

Over the years, we have encountered some real disasters when it comes to self-installed lifts. Not only do unforeseen problems cause a financial strain, they also present a real safety issue for the lift users.

Professional installation for stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, and elevators is essential. Transitions Lift + Elevator specializes in lift and elevator installation, based on an extensive portfolio of experience and expertise.

DIY installation is sometimes attempted as a cost-saving measure. Cutting this corner is in fact dangerous, though, because lifts must be installed in very specific manufacturer-recommended ways in order to transport users safely.

Oh, and not to mention the cases where people have attempted self-installation, only to break their brand new units in the process, wasting hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

Plus, there is always the question of maintenance. A poorly or incorrectly installed lift is going to be harder (and more expensive) to maintain and repair over its life than one that was installed correctly in the first place. No one wants to pay to undo shoddy work.

Don't put yourself or others at risk. And don't risk a huge unnecessary financial blow due to negligence or ignorance. Trust the experts at Transitions Lift + Elevator for all of your lift and elevator installation and servicing needs.

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