Wheelchair Lifts for Public Speaking & Viewing

Wheelchair lifts are great. They provide users with the ability to travel up and down both inside and outside of buildings so they may share the same access enjoyed by those without wheelchairs. Before they became commonplace, it was not uncommon for wheelchair users to suffer artificial limitations throughout their daily lives.

Once society caught up to the issue and started paying more attention to the consequences of limiting access to certain people and conditions, various innovations and creative applications for wheelchair lifts began to occur.

For example, we sell, install, and service the Courtroom/Rostrum Wheelchair Lift, a specialty vertical platform lift that fits easily and discreetly into a millwork frame. It provides the right height adjustment for those speaking in front of courtrooms, churches, or any other auditorium audience, providing both audience and speaker a more natural sight line.

Not only is the unit strong and safe, it also satisfies all of the legal regulations that building owners need to meet. And those who use it appreciate its extra features that facilitate easy operation. All this together makes the CRL an innovative marvel, one that wins fans everywhere it’s installed.

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