A Wheelchair Lift for Your Building’s Curved Rail

Whether it's ADA-compliance or some other regulation, building owners have certain ways that they must comply to make accommodations for different types of accessibility needs. For some buildings, this can be difficult, and owners may become stressed about what to do and how to maintain the accessibility solutions they already have in place.

Thankfully, building owners do have a place to turn: Transitions Mobility. We are experts in all types of accessibility products, meaning that we know how to advise, install, maintain, and remove elevators, wheelchair lifts, stair lifts, and more.

For example, some buildings have curved rail stairs and need to be outfitted with an inclined wheelchair lift. We know immediately that our Savaria C65 model will most likely serve all the needs in this scenario.

The C65 inclined wheelchair lift is a commercial-grade, curved rail lift that is customized to your building's specs, providing access over stairs that feature multiple levels, curves, intermediate landings, and changes in direction.

Each building is somewhat unique, and having flexibility with your lift helps maintain existing building features. Knowing that Transitions can install a lift that is safe and useful to your building's visitors is great peace of mind, especially one as unobtrusive as the C65.

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