What You Need to Know About LULA Elevators

First of all, LULA stands for “limited use, limited application,” and it applies to elevators that are more economical than other types of elevators, even as they provide essential features in most cases. Buildings with multiple stories present certain accessibility challenges, and these elevators can be great way to provide essential services and get a building up to code.

Our Swing Door LULA Elevator model provides more than 18 square feet of interior elevator space, which will accommodate a wheelchair, as well as another passenger at the same time. Getting maximum use out of space makes this model really desirable, particularly for buildings where space is limited.

Just because it makes an efficient use of space doesn’t mean that the LULA lacks power or safety features. For example, it carries a 1,400 lb. rating and features an elegant mix of wood and stainless steel. And considering our expertise in installing them, our customers are amazed at the finished product.

Building owners also appreciate the reliability, power, and peace of mind elements, such as the electric alarm signal and the fully functional phone. Our LULA even has Braille for the blind or visually impaired.

Easier on the wallet than a commercial passenger elevator but still with great features—what’s not to love?

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