We Buy and Sell Used Bruno Stair Lifts

Bruno stair lifts are made to last a long time if properly maintained, so it’s no surprise that many units outlive their usefulness in a particular home. Rather than let perfectly good Bruno stair lifts go to the scrap heap, Transitions buys these lifts so that they may be sold again as used (but still dependable and nice looking) accessibility products.

Maintaining an inventory of used Bruno stair lifts allows Transitions to service customers with a wider range of budget types. Ultimately, we want to help people achieve their movement goals inside and outside their homes, so anything that aids with this process is something we want to do.

So if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to get a Bruno stair lift, our refurbished program makes a lot of sense. The inventory changes, of course, so you have to check with us to find out which models we currently have available.

And to those of you out there looking to remove a stair lift from your home, please remember that Transitions is your local expert on stair lift installation, and having us remove one that you sell to us means having it taken out the right way, with as few complications as possible.

Whether you’re buying or selling, Transitions has you covered on all your Bruno stair lift needs!

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