Vertical Platform Wheelchair Lift with Enclosure

Versatility is a great attribute to have. In business, companies that change with the times tend to survive. Employees that adapt to new situations are valuable and successful.

Versatility in a wheelchair lift is a wonderful attribute, as well. Take our enclosed vertical platform wheelchair lift as an example. It's suitable for use indoors and outdoors. Plus, it's perfect for residential use, as well as commercial use.

Its design and decor will match virtually any environment (optional powder-coat finishes are available in nearly any color), making its usefulness applicable to situations across many buildings and styles. Plus, it has a price point that is very attractive when compared with some elevator alternatives.

It will carry 750 lbs and travel at 25 feet/minute. Its 42" high side guard panels, control buttons, emergency battery lowering, and non-skid platform surface ensure constant safety for the user. And the 34" x 54" platform allows ample room, as well.

Choose from the aluminum/acrylic model, the luxury framed model, or the prestige frameless model, depending on your needs. This wheelchair lift can do it all, and Transitions brings all of its features right to your building. Call us today!

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