Understanding the Many Options with Vertical Platform Lifts

Vertical platform lifts perform an important role in our modern society. With so many buildings (from residences to administrative and private structures) built as multi-story units, anyone who physically struggles with climbing stairs benefits from the use of some type of vertical platform lift.

If your organization is interested in an elevator or lift, let us here at Transitions Lift & Elevator guide you through the selection process.

    *The Hoistway Enclosed Vertical Wheelchair Lift Residential/Commercial - TVP8000 is a strong architectural choice, versatile enough to look great in homes, schools, churches, office buildings…anywhere.
    *The Outdoor Enclosure Vertical Wheelchair Lift Residential/Commercial - TVP8001 provides a great way to access a home’s deck.
    *The Commercial Outdoor Vertical Platform Lift - TVP7001 offers 48 inches of lifting height, ideally suited for short outdoor staircases that lead from the ground to a building’s main floor.
    *The Specialty Courtoom & Rostrum Vertical Wheelchair Lift - TVP9000 is unobtrusively designed especially for installation in courtrooms or rostrums and lifts up to 750 lbs. standard.
    *The Residential Outdoor Vertical Wheelchair Lift - TVP9500 features an enclosed formed-steel bottom safety pan and a host of optional features, allowing the customer an opportunity to get just the right lift.

And not only do we offer the finest quality lifts, we also have a best price guarantee, complete with assistance on funding and financing. Admittedly, there are a lot of options; however, that is ultimately a benefit to our customers, and we use our vast experience during the buying process to ensure that each customer receives the best product to suit their needs.

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